2010-2018+ 4Runner TRD Pro front coil springs – what to install with additional weight

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The customers ask us:


2017 4Runner TRD Pro

I have about 100 lbs. added front end weight due to a bumper and winch and would like to be able to lift and adjust the front end, but also carry the extra weight. Currently the front end feels packed and compressed. Please advice what coils to use.”



If the vehicle is a TRD PRO 4Runner

actually the front coil spring is
lighter than the other versions, the reason why is because the 4Runner
TRD PRO us tuned for racing on sand dunes and dirt roads that is why the
use a Bilstein shock with a digressive valving to absorb bumps much
better than a progressive valving shock. We’d recommend to measure from
the center of the wheel hub to the bottom of the fender to diagnose how
much the front end went down with 100 lbs of extra weight. If is not
much we can offer spacers

ToyTec Front Top Plate 3/4″ Spacer Kit


just to bring the front end 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch
(if the vehicle is completely stock)




if the client decides to go with a 2 inch
diameter shock technically he will be downgrading his suspension since
these 4Runners TRD PRO come with a 2.5 inch diameter shock body. I would
recommend and Icon coil over (digressive valving) or BOSS 2.5
(progressive valving) that way the client can stay with a 2.5 shock,
although by having a progressive valving shock it will eliminate the
“racing performance” of the vehicle