Bilstein and ToyTec coilovers for Toyota trucks coils choice

Categories: Off-Road

The most popular coilovers for Tacoma and 4Runer trucks are ULTIMATE coilovers with Bilstein 5100 series shocks and ToyTec BOSS coilovers.

Very similar great quality suspensions, ULTIMATE kit uses Bilstein 5100 shocks which
are digressive valving system which means “the faster you go, the softer
the shocks get”

BOSS kit uses a progressive valving system that we tune to be more on
the softer side for a perfect balance between daily driving and easy to
moderate trails. Progressive valving shocks handle the same at any speed.


The difference is in length (ToyTec shocks have longer travel) and in coil spring rates available.


ToyTec BOSS shocks are able to handle up to 700lbs coils, while Bilstein shocks are good only with up to 650lbs coils.


Please remember, that using greater lbs coils without additional constant front load carried (such aftermarket reinforced bumper and winch) will decrease ride comfort.