Bilstein shocks often come with the same size mounting eyes on each end. We often get asked “Can I mount them with the shock boot up, does it matter which side is facing up?”

The majority of Bilstein shocks mount with the boot on the top of the shock. Bilstein does have some shocks that do have the boot on the bottom of the shock and the same size mounting eyes on each end. As a general rule with all Bilstein shocks, you should pay attention to the label. Bilstein tech advises that you should always mount your shocks so that the Bilstein logo is right-side up.

Above is Bilstein rear shock 24-186742 for the 1999-2010 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. The shock has 14.1 mm mounting eyes on each end. The correct way to install it is with the boot on top and the logo facing the correct way.

Above is Bilstein rear shock 33-187419 for the 2009-2013 Ford F-150. The shock has 12mm eyes on each end, so it could be mounted either way. The correct way to mount it is as shown with the boot down and the label facing so it is not upside down.

So, If you are not sure which way is up on your shocks or wonder if you can mount them either way, always look at the Bilstein logo. If it is upside down, so are your shocks!

Are sway bar relocation kit  needed for different Toyota Tacoma / 4Runner / other Toyota trucks or not if installing 3” lif spacers or coilovers?
Do only KDSS equipped trucks need sway bar relocation?
When Tacoma needs sway bar relocation?
When 4Runner and others?


So, a sway bar relocation kit is needed only with adjustable coilovers and NON KDSS vehicles. We’ve seen some Tacomas that require a sway bar relocation kit with OME coilovers but they need it because the alignment wasn’t perform properly, camber causes the coilover touch the front sway bar.

Sway bar relocation kits are designed to push the sway bar forward away from the coilover/spring so they don’t make contact

NOTE: 2010+ 4Runners, FJ Cruisers and GX460 NON KDSS equipped will require a radiator support bracket (included with our kits already). The reason why they need the radiator support bracket is because the driver side sway bar is not perfectly symmetrical with the passenger side.



Tacomas will always need a sway bar relocation kit as long as they are using an adjustable coilover

KDSS equipped vehicles DO NOT need the sway bar relocation kit because the sway connects to the lower control arms and is far away from the coilover.



We often get questions from customers:

“I have a stock  truck (no lift) it shudders terribly on moderate and heavy acceleration from a stop and only from a dead stop. I put it on a lift (off the ground) and accelerated briskly and there was no vibration or shutter. What product will solve my issue ? ”


We can answer that the carrier bearing drop kit might help.

But with pick up trucks it is very difficult to diagnose if the vibration is coming from the drive shaft or from excessive axle wrap.

For RAM 2015+ we have even special axle anti wrap shock.

We can suggest to start with the carrier bearing, if the problem is not fixed we suggest removing it and adding the axle shims.

Unfortunately you cannot use both at the same time, so we have to start with one part and hope that the vibration goes away.

By the description of the issue sounds like the carrier bearing will fix it though.


Also axle shim will pretty much will change the angle of the leaf spring by 2 degrees up to 4 degrees depending on how bad is the angle of them leaf spring. By adding the axle shim you will be raising the rear side of the leaf spring and minimizing axle wrap that might be causing this issue, we will suggest to take the vehicle to a shop to a technician can diagnose how many degrees will be needed to fix the issue also if the leaf spring is worn out and has a negative arch we recommend to change
the whole leaf spring set up.

NOTE: Skinny side of the shim goes facing towards the front of the vehicle


Degree axle shim

Degree axle shim



By lifting the front end of the vehicle the main components change
angles and geometry so rubbing is natural to this kind of lifts and
everybody has this issue. The best way to fix this is to cut a little
tiny bit of plastic and use a heat gun and push that black soft plastic
“wheel well” inside of the bumper and trim as needed. Also keep in mind
that if bigger tires are planned for the future you will need to do more