Bilstein and ToyTec coilovers for Toyota trucks coils choice

The most popular coilovers for Tacoma and 4Runer trucks are ULTIMATE coilovers with Bilstein 5100 series shocks and ToyTec BOSS coilovers. Very similar great quality suspensions, ULTIMATE kit uses Bilstein 5100 shocks which are digressive valving system which means “the faster you go, the softer the shocks get” BOSS kit uses a progressive valving system […]

SPC vs Total Chaos vs ICON Upper Control Arms

These 3 UCA Brands are among the most popular upper control arms that we sell. Here is a short comparison breakdown: SPC is a decent option for a daily driver that will not be off-roading much.  They are adjustable which does increase the alignment possibilities and can be used to help allow for larger tires.  […]

Truck shudder, trembling, vibrating

We often get questions from customers: “I have a stock  truck (no lift) it shudders terribly on moderate and heavy acceleration from a stop and only from a dead stop. I put it on a lift (off the ground) and accelerated briskly and there was no vibration or shutter. What product will solve my issue […]

Dakar leaf springs for TRD PRO questions

The customers ask us:   “For Tacoma TRD Off-road with TRD pro suspension setup. With my bedrack and tent and exct… I have about a 2” droop in the rear. I’m looking into purchasing a set of the OME Dakar AAL part# ELO96R. I’m not sure which bushings I need for this model. Does the […]

ICON Billet UCAs vs Tubular UCAs

Billet UCAs attach with heim joints, so they can be adjusted for length. The downside is that hemi ball joints tend to get noisy and wear out quickly. We would not recommend them unless you needed the adjustability. Their benefit is zero deflection and the ability to adjust camber and really dial in the alignment […]

Spacers For TRD PRO Tacoma, 4Runner

If you have TRD Pro Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner then standard spacers will not fit. You’ll need: because TRD Pro has thicker shock bodies. For thse spacers no extra hardware is required only for this part, pretty much is just a replacement for the factory spring perch. Spring compressor will be needed for this […]