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Customers wonder, what is the difference between lift kits for 4th and 5th gen 4Runners if the shocks length are the same.

We highly recommend getting the proper spring rates and length for both 4Runners. The 2003-2009 4Runner will use a 112-620 spring which provides the particular vehicle 3 inches of font lift.

2010+ 4Runner will get a 521-600 spring which will provide 2.5 inches of lift on this particular 4Runner and if we add the top plate spacer will be the full 3” on a 5th Gen 4Runner.

If you use a 521-600 spring on the 2004 4Runner will get over 3 inches of front lift and will cause severe damage to some front end components for excessive lift amount.


The most popular coilovers for Tacoma and 4Runer trucks are ULTIMATE coilovers with Bilstein 5100 series shocks and ToyTec BOSS coilovers.

Very similar great quality suspensions, ULTIMATE kit uses Bilstein 5100 shocks which
are digressive valving system which means “the faster you go, the softer
the shocks get”

BOSS kit uses a progressive valving system that we tune to be more on
the softer side for a perfect balance between daily driving and easy to
moderate trails. Progressive valving shocks handle the same at any speed.


The difference is in length (ToyTec shocks have longer travel) and in coil spring rates available.


ToyTec BOSS shocks are able to handle up to 700lbs coils, while Bilstein shocks are good only with up to 650lbs coils.


Please remember, that using greater lbs coils without additional constant front load carried (such aftermarket reinforced bumper and winch) will decrease ride comfort.






We are asked by the customers:


” Do you recommend the ToyTec coils over say the Icon 52700 coils  ”


We can answer that

ICON 2″ rear coil springs will provide a softer ride quality since their design is”progressive”

ToyTec rear coil springs are a little more “linear” and will help carrying a little more extra weight 10% more over factory payload


These 3 UCA Brands are among the most popular upper control arms that we sell. Here is a short comparison breakdown:

  • SPC is a decent option for a daily driver that will not be off-roading much.  They are adjustable which does increase the alignment possibilities and can be used to help allow for larger tires.  Keep in mind, this design can also complicate the alignment as well by adding an additional adjustment point.  We have had shops incorrectly install and set these up.  These are also the cheapest option (although getting close to the others as government regulations continue to change).  Parts are replaceable and we do sell and list most of the components.  Currently made in China- although assembled in Colorado.
  • Total Chaos – These are going to be the strongest arms.  Made of 4130 chromoly.  They are gusseted at the pivot points and do have grease zerks at the bushing for easy maintenance.  They do use a uniball which does provide a nice, smooth range of motion.  The uniball can be subject to sand/salt intrusion.  Uniballs are replaceable and available.  We have never had a failure with a TC arm.  For someone who does take their vehicle offroad often, these are probably the best option.  100% made in the USA.  They do provide additional caster for use with a lift.  Easy install, alignment procedures remain the same as a stock vehicle, with only the stock adjustments for shops to worry about.
  • Icon (w/Delta Joints) – Also a good option for a offroader with some daily driving.  Tubular are made of 1026 DOM Steel Construction (not quite as strong as chromoly, but good).  Serviceable dual stage bushings.  Grease zerks at the bushings.  Gusseted arms.  Designed for a lift with caster built in, similar to the TC’s.  No adjustment to worry about (on the tubular).   The delta joint is a great option for people who don’t want uniballs.  Here is the low down on the Delta joints – The Delta Joint is a heavy duty high angle ball joint that combines the durability of a ball joint with the performance characteristics of a traditional uniball. While the industry standard uniball does a great job of allowing the control arms of a vehicle to articulate with little bind, they do have an inherent weakness that leaves more to be desired when used in a daily driven application – exposure to the elements. The Delta Joint features a zinc plated housing providing the first layer of corrosion resistance, while a tough grease seal keeps potentially harmful elements out of the inner workings of the joint. Metal on metal construction and a greasable design increase the longevity of the Delta Joint while at the same time allowing for noise-free operation. What makes the Delta Joint unique is that it brings the best of both worlds to ICON upper control arms with features that make it more robust than a uniball, and at the same time capable of greater angularity than a typical ball joint.  The Delta Joint does list a 5yr limited warranty.